Courthouse Wedding

Jill and Chris opted for a quick courthouse wedding in Downtown San Diego. Let’s face it, planning a large wedding is a full-time job. Finding a location, cake, flowers, catering and other details can be a lot of fun but can take countless hours. For young professionals who stay on the grind, extra time is a luxury that is sometimes not available. Why not have a Civil Marriage Ceremony at the County Clerks office and keep moving towards the big life goals? Sometimes, it’s the smart move.

Even though they opted to skip out on a lot of the other traditional wedding stuff, I’m happy that they decided to invest in some professional photos. Since friends and family were not present, it was important to have some good photos to be able to share the story. 

The San Diego County Administration Center is a nice backdrop for photos. However, Balboa Park is just a few minutes from there so I recommended that we go there and walk around to find a variety of backgrounds. 

There is a significant height difference between Chris and Jill so we decided to have a little fun with it. One of my favorite images from the session was when Jill got on top of a park bench so that she could even out the height. It was great working with them because I could feel they trusted what I was doing and just focused on being with each other. That’s always when we create the best images.

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